What is Right of Way and a Right of Way Professional? 

New to Right of Way and curious what it’s all about?  Imagine a field that includes engineering and surveying; real estate asset management, acquisition, disposition and relocation; and appraisal, title, and project management.  Now you’re getting warm!

A right of way allows another individual to travel through a landowner’s property.  An easement is an agreed upon use of land by a party other than a landowner, and may include development, construction or maintenance of utility lines; access to natural resources, etc.  Both are critical components.

Right of Way professionals may work closely with public and private sector clients and landowners to acquire, manage and/or transfer land rights needed for building and maintaining energy, utility and transportation infrastructure.   

Bowman Right of Way Services 

Bowman Right of Way professionals understand the nuances of navigating requirements associated with energy, utility, and transportation projects for public and private sector clients. Bowman staff has represented owners and contractors throughout the nation in order to successfully clear a corridor to make way for construction. Our services begin with due diligence and span through the life of a project, including real estate appraisals, negotiations, relocations, and eminent domain assistance. Clear communication, building trust and professional integrity are key to providing successful solutions to meet our clients’ needs in complex and sensitive issues surrounding land and right of way acquisition projects.